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Why Us?

Bonjour is a thoughtful, hands-on boutique hotel firm. Our role is to generate the most revenue in the fastest way and deliver the best in construction, costs and services.

This role encompasses the entire property’s lifetime from planning and construction to day-to-day operations, staff management, distribution, Sales and Marketing.

We manage hotels with a simple Management or Lease model that ensures our goals and priorities are strictly aligned with those of our owners. In the case of Management Contracts, our operating agreements differ vastly from the major brands, for two main reasons.

First, because our fee structure gives priority to maximizing every dollar invested, we do not enforce unprofitable brand mandates. Instead, our approach is market-specific so we decide with our owners what is best for their property and likely to drive more profits. Second, while most major brands charge an average of 12% of total revenue with complex additional charges and corporate overheads, we offer a simple 2-line fee, lower than any major brand. As a result, we get paid for what matters: delivering high performance at the lowest cost.

Our advanced technology provides a low-cost management platform through which our Hotels manage their reservations, digital communication, pricing, reputation and social medias with simplicity, both at the property and chain level.

Technology Platform

The technology backbone behind the Bonjour Hotels brand contains PMS | CRS | Revenue Management | Social & Reputation Control Center | Brand Mobile Application | Digital Communication and Advocacy platforms.

We are open to several development and management models. In all cases, the hotels will be operated by our teams under various Management or Lease Contracts.

Rethink Hotel

Low-cost hotel development

With a highly differentiated hotel proposition and among the lowest development cost per key in the industry, Bonjour offers partner investors a unique real estate investment that taps into India’s vast and growing audience of mid-income – high aspirations professionals, leisure and student travelers.

Our innovative hotel format uses half the floor space (and land!) of traditional hotels, which significantly reduces the capital requirements while maintaining very high quality. Bonjour hotels are pre-designed using modular and low-cost construction systems that further reduce development cost and time.

What We Do

Our Services

We offer turnkey development services and will run your hotel from A to Z, starting from the very first day. Our construction team will drive all aspects of execution of the project and lead the development through every phase: planning, architecture, design and construction.

Six months before opening, we will connect your Hotel to our technology and booking platforms while our operations team and Bonjour Hosts take control over the day-to-day management and animation of the Hotel.

Development & Construction

Quick Specifications

Bonjour is an ideal brand option for new build, commercial & retail mix-use programs or a quick hotel conversion. Our modular format is designed to suit various types of development. Here’s what it takes:



The ideal hotel has over 120 keys, 7k to 13k square feet of living & social space for Restaurant, Bar and Communal Working.


Square Meters

Our cozy-contemporary rooms are 18.0 square meters of comfort equipped with XL-beds, rain shower, plenty of plugs and the best entertainment system available in the industry.


Lakhs (INR)

Only and all inclusive. The development cost for a new hotel is comprised between INR. 20.0 to INR. 22.0 lakhs per key.



The land size requirement varies from only 14,000 square feet to a maximum of 30,000 square feet, accounting for standard FAR and commercial set-backs.



Timeline to build or convert your hotel is approximately 14-18 months.


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